Let’s Be Real Together

I created this blog to encourage, inspire, and help you find and live your best life. A life that is bigger, wider, funnier, happier and “Infinitely More” than you could have ever asked or imagined.

That life! That life you dreamed about as a child but gave up on long ago because kids, school, and work got in the way. There was no time for dreaming anymore.

That is the life I have found – after lots of struggles and tribulations.

I created this blog to keep life REAL. One of the biggest mindsets we have is that we need to pretend to want, do, and love all the RIGHT things.

My life has had quite a few trials and tribulations in it, as most of ours have – if we are honest. Some troubles were of my own making and some were done too me.

From divorce, life-threatening health condition, rape, sexual abuse, death of my children’s father, betrayal, abandonment, and many more, I could go on and on.

Yet despite, or maybe because of, these circumstances, my life is full of joy, purpose, love, and passion. It is far from perfect which we will talk about later…

On this blog I will share my stories of day-to-day struggles, traumas, and triumphs in hopes that it will encourage and inspire and show you ways to do the same.

For more than three-fourths of my life, I had a fake facade of the perfect life. Climbing the corporate ladder with success as a lawyer. Perfect children doing all the right activities. It appeared from the outside that life was perfect and that’s what I wanted you to see.

But, on the inside, I was full of anxiety, depression, extreme fear, damaging levels of people pleasing, and anger. Not acknowledging and of course not dealing with the huge traumas in my early and middle life. Kept me stuck there for most of my life.

I don’t want YOU to have to live in that prison of fake perfection, anxiety, depression, fear, or anger a minute longer. I want to share with examples and encourage you to breakthrough to the side where there is peace and joy.

Here I will share with you things that have helped me overcome. I will share stories of how my life is now that I have acknowledged, processed, and moved forward from my major life traumas and how they still affect my life at times.

We will be REAL, honest, encouraging, and inspiring all at the same time.

This is FAKE FREE ZONE. You will not only get the success, you will share in my struggles and ugly processes. No perfectionism, fake facades allowed.

We are here to be REAL because that is where the healing begins….

When we can be REAL with each other and, more importantly, be REAL with ourselves. God can do the work of healing in our lives!

Come along for the ride, won’t you?

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